Official Music Video “Caught Up”

“Caught Up is the latest release from Haze da Punter.  Circulating heavy in the northeast and on the airwaves at Hot 93.7 with DJ Billy Busch, DJ KG, DJ Craig G and with the support of DJs like DJ Luck, DJ Double T and others “Caught Up” is making people pay attention to Mr. FlafLife, himself…..HDP!

BTS: At the “Caught Up”

Exclusive BEHIND THE SCENES footage, courtesy of VAWNDiD TV, on the set of “Caught Up”. Check out the retro lime green Capri, the different locations such as the La Seesh Hookah Lounge, Escobar Films, Indie 360 Magazine, dotInc Media, models: Kathy Lantigua and Brienna and of course Haze da Punter. A big shoutout goes out to all the DJs and other artists who supported Haze on set such as Cosine Music, FB Clique, FAM Entertainment, TEF BOYZ, Champion Breed, Wuzer, Crazy, Angel, Arabelle Modeling and Marvel Us Management.

Haze Exclusive Interview On Indie360 Mag

23 year-old, HAZE DA PUNTER has stormed into 2011, with a successful mixtape “GET HIGH OF MY NAME”, and singles “QP” and “STICK YOUR TONGUE OUT”. Although, this talented individual began rapping at the age of 12, in 2006, HAZE decided that music was his new passion. This New Haven, Connecticut, artist is destined for greatness, and when ask what artist has influenced him, shockingly enough he has almost mimicked this artist’s business strategy.

“I would say that 50 CENT has inspired me. He is considered an asshole, but he is about his business,” explained HAZE.

50 CENT bullied his way into the industry, and HAZE DA PUNTER is doing the same. His first performance at SPRING JAM at Western Connecticut State University back in 2010 was the beginning of the HAZE movement, which drew a huge fan base. HAZE DA PUNTER at such a young age realizes one thing; Building a BRAND in Connecticut is the recipe for success.

“I’m going to be the one that puts Connecticut on the map,” HAZE said confidently, “I have my own style, I bring something different, and I’m a trend-setter. When I talk to people who are in the industry, they always talk about how CT has a bad rap, and they (CT artists) leave a bad taste in their mouths.”

He got the name HAZE DA PUNTER, from a longtime friend, due to his extracurricular activities and also his way with the ladies. “You know I kick the ladies out,” HAZE commented while laughing.  And of course the ladies love him. With his two favorite tracks “STICK YOUR TONGUE OUT” which he is set to shoot the video for on Sept 18, 2011, and “QP”, he gives the females something to dance to and music for the males to quote.

“(GET HIGH OFF MY NAME) isn’t about smoking. I want people to get high off my music. I give them something they can zone out to,” HAZE said.

2011 has been a year of growth for this young artist. HAZE recognizes that even though he has established himself as an elite artist in the state of Connecticut, he still has room to get better. “(My biggest accomplishment in 2011) probably had to be progressing as an artist, stepping my game up,” explained HAZE, “When you’re hot, shows will come, so that wasn’t a huge accomplishment, but I think finding myself as an artists was big.”

HAZE DA PUNTER paid homage to local CT artists. He expressed that he respected the contribution that artists like, TYE HENNEY, CHRIS WEEBY, PHIL BLOUNT, B.X., and IRAAK, have made to CT music. He also commented on the state of the music industry right, comparing the difference between rappers and artists. “Record labels know who is going to sell records and who are going to be one hit wonders,” said HAZE, “The difference is artists are always providing good albums, and rappers are only around for a moment. Right now you have to be on top to go platinum,” he continued.

What’s next for HAZE DA PUNTER?  With his “STILL SMOKING” album set to release, to huge shows coming up in New York, and his “FEEL YA SELF MUSIC” college tour throughout the Tri-State, and eventually the South, HAZE is constantly working. “I would like to get into the studio with Adele,” HAZE said when asked who he would like to work with in the future, “I love her wave. She’s so different.”

There is no comparison to HAZE DA PUNTER’s style.  From the punch lines to the party music, HAZE has a unique style which has set him apart from his peers. Want to hear more from this RECESSIONPROOF artist? Subscribe to his YouTube channel, was is loaded with hot tracks and creative freestyles. Make sure you  follow him on Twitter @hazedapunter, and visit his fanpage What makes HAZE DA PUNTER RECESSIONPROOF?

“If nigga wants to be you and chicks want to fuck you, you never will have problem. That’s what makes me RECESSIONPROOF,” He answered.

- Drew Fain


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